BE Committed – Our Solution

BE Youth Sports Foundation Core Values

The BE Youth Sports foundation wants to get kids in the game and bring the FUN back to sports so that kids have the opportunity to build positive character traits, build their confidence and prepare themselves for life after the game.

  • BEYSF hosts PCA workshops: PCA teaches coaches the value of encouraging athletes with positive reinforcement which helps them hear and heed the necessary corrections. With that winning combination of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism, athletic performance improves and so do the chances that kids stick with sports longer and learn all the valuable life lessons inherently available through organized competition. 
  • The BE Youth Sports Foundation provides scholarships to local youth leagues to support kids who can not afford to play.
  •  BEYSF provides scholarships to students who put the BEYSF mission and values into action in our community.
  • BEYSF works to better understand what makes sports “fun” and how best to build that back into athletics.


  • BE A Team Player – Be a positive impact and support your teammates. There is no “I” in team.
  • BE A Leader – Be a leader in your community. Set an example on and off the field.
  • BE Committed – Work hard to finish what you’ve started. Don’t quit.
  • BE Confident – Be sure of yourself and confident in what you have learned. No fear.
  • BE True – Be honest, with yourself and others. Play fair.
  • BE Humble – The thrill of winning will pass. What lasts is what you have learned from the game. Win and lose with grace.
  • BE Your Best – Work hard to be better than yesterday and learn from your mistakes. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • BE Strong – Don’t whine, complain or make excuses. Own it.
  • BE! – Make the play before looking ahead. Live in the moment and be focused on the here and now.


BE Youth Sports Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization

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