How does the program work?

Open to all high school Juniors and Seniors in the Sacramento area, applicants simply need to submit a short essay and video that outlines their community concept that best encapsulates BEYSF’s mission. Entries must be received via the BEYSF’s website no later than 11:59pm on  November 15, 2017. A panel will award five winners a college scholarship in the amount of $500, and additional funds may be available to implement the winners’ concepts.


Who can apply? All kids in the Sacramento area currently attending high school in their junior or senior year.


Where do I apply? At the bottom of this page.


What are the important dates/deadlines to know? Entries can be submitted between September 1, 2017 and November 15, 2017. Winners will be notified on December 1st, 2017


Can this be a group project or do I need to do it by myself? That is up to you; however, adults should not be strategically involved (i.e. part of the assessment process will include leadership qualities exemplified by the program owners; therefore, the less strategic participation by adults, the better!).


I’m still not clear on what type of programs BEYSF is hoping to see – can you provide some more details? First, review and review the information included on each tab throughout this site - particularly the BE vision, our challenge, and our core values. Too many times kids rely upon their parents or other adults to handle all the details and solve problems; however, their expectations (win at all costs!) aren’t always aligned with kids’ expectations (have fun!). Can you think of ways to improve sports facilities, promote or increase access to sports, develop or emphasize ways that kids can “take back” their sports experiences so they’re not only learning and competing, but having fun? The possibilities are endless; however, the common denominator is that kids have the opportunity to step up and make a difference in their community.


How will I know if my idea has been received? Once you submit your idea, you will receive an acknowledgement within 1-2 business days.


Who will see my video and/or essay? The scholarship selection team will review all videos and essays. Your submitted video may also be shared on our social media pages or other public websites so please be aware that the content you chose to share may be made public.


What should my application include? Applications should include components of the following:

• Overview of idea/program

• Why you think it’s important/needed

• Who it will impact and how

• Budget (if necessary) to help launch your idea


I have a question not asked here – how can I get it answered? Submit an email to and we’ll try to answer as quickly as possible!

3 Ways to upload a video with your application:

1. Upload Your Video to YouTube (Choose Unlisted in the privacy settings), then paste the video link in the form below.


2. Upload Your Video to your Google Drive and share it with, then paste the video link in the form below.


3. Burn a copy of the video to DVD and mail to:

BE Youth Sports Foundation.

P.O. Box 2864

Carmichael, CA 95609-2864

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